Falcon de Juarez was one of the first Maquiladora factories opened in the free trade zone of Juarez, Mexico in the early 1970s. The primary role of the factory was to sand cast high-quality cast iron table bases for the global hospitality industry. Falcon de Juarez quickly became known for quality and value. In 1994 the United States passed the North American Free Trade Agreement solidifying the relationship between Mexico and the USA. This legislation helped make our foundry operation even stronger as the ability to import and export became even easier.

In 1995, a new 75,000 square foot factory was built and is where our operation is located today.  Falcon de Juarez is a state-of-the-art foundry complete with electric induction furnaces and overhead sand distribution.  We have the ability to manufacture Grey Iron castings as well as ductile iron. Polishing and powder coating is done on-site.

We are proud to hold a Certificate of Clean Industry, which we have held over 15 years. This document reflects the responsible and efficient nature for which we operate our plant. Our gray iron is obtained from scrap yards making most of these components 99% recycled and 100% recyclable.  Over the life of this factory we have recycled enough scrap iron to equal the weight of over 100,000 Honda Accords.

Clients range from the furniture industry, lighting, and heavy industrial.  We specialize in mid to large runs of components made specifically to our client’s specifications.

Falcon de Juarez is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CFGroup. CFGroup is a US-owned corporation.